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FEPP Success Stories - Florida

"... Still Serving the American Taxpayer!"

Florida Division of Forestry

The Florida Division of Forestry typically screens for property at Eglin Air Force base and they were lucky to find this 1991 Oshkosh R-11 6,000 gallon Fuel Tanker stationed at NAS Jacksonville. It was in great condition and only had 2,789 miles on it. It was a great find!! 

Photo of fuel tanker when acquired from NAS Jacksonville

This FEPP item was then placed on loan to Nassau Oaks VFD just north of Jacksonville, Florida. Nassau Oaks VFD was approved for a Volunteer Fire Assistance 50/50 grant for $8,076.00 to do the conversion work. That meant that the VFD had to spend that amount and would be reimbursed for 50% of the cost. So, Nassau Oaks got to work and converted the fuel tanker into a water tender, added a light package and it was ready to go. This valuable FEPP tanker cost Nassau Oaks VFD $4,038.00.

Photo of completed Nassau Oaks VFD tanker 11 Photo of Tanker 11 in front of Nassau Oaks VFD

The finished product is Nassau Oaks VFD Tanker 11. They have had it on numerous fires already and are very happy with its capability.

As quoted by Matt Weinell, Fire Resource Manager, FL DOF; "We really appreciate the USDA Forest Service and the folks that make the Federal Excess Personnel Property ( FEPP) program work so well."


Contact your state FEPP Manager or State Forester with questions or comments concerning the FEPP program.


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