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State Cooperator Responsibilities

  1. Sign a cooperative agreement with the USDA Forest Service.

  2. Request for transfer only DoD Firefighting Property that can effectively be used for fire fighting or emergency services.

  3. Accept ownership of DoD Firefighting Property to be put into use for fire and emergency services.

  4. Sign a Cooperative Agreement and pass ownership of DoD firefighting property to local governments, private organizations, recognized Indian Tribes, or individuals that become users of said property.

  5. Establish controls necessary to account for, manage, use, and dispose of said property until property is assigned.

  6. Provide access to and the right to examine all records, books, papers, or documents relating to the DoD Firefighting Property program to the USDA Forest Service, DoD Office of Inspector General, the Comptroller General of the United States or his authorized representative, and the USDA, including its Office of Inspector General, or authorized representatives.

  7. Provide the USDA FS an up to date list of authorized personnel who can remove property from the DLA Disposition Services.

  8. Use the Federal Excess Property Management Information System (FEPMIS) to document acquisition and assignment of DoD Firefighting Property.

  9. Receipt DoD Firefighter Property into FEPMIS within 7 days of physical receipt.

  10. Assign DoD Firefighter Property in FEPMIS within 30 days of physical receipt.

  11. Retain DoD Firefighter Property records for a minimum of 6 years and 3 months after assignment.

  12. Provide the USDA FS an up to date contact list of Department of Defense Supplementary Address Codes.

  13. Items identified on the Transfer Document as requiring Demilitarization (DEMIL C, D, and F) will be tracked and inventoried in FEPMIS until final disposition.

  14. Return DEMIL items to the DLA Disposition Services or, with DLA Disposition Services approval, transfer to another qualifying agency. The Forest Service and the State will coordinate any transfers or returns through the Distribution Reutilization Policy Directorate at the Defense Logistics Agency.

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