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Wildland fire touches every part of the nation.


Climate change, the growth of communities into wildlands, and the buildup of flammable vegetation have made managing fire riskier and more complex. To meet the challenge, the Forest Service and its partners in tribal, federal, state, and local governments are cooperating in a new strategy for managing wildland fire. The strategy has three parts: ecosystem restoration, community preparedness, and wildfire response.


Although the wildfire environment is becoming more complex, one thing has not changed: Firefighter and public safety is our highest priority. No structure or natural resource is worth a human life.


Prescribed Fire
Did you know fire can be good for people and the land? After many Maintaining a fire-adapted landscapeyears of fire exclusion, an ecosystem that needs periodic fire becomes unhealthy. Trees are stressed by overcrowding; fire-dependent species disappear; and flammable fuels build up and become hazardous. More...
Mechanical Treatment of Hazardous Fuels

Fire can be good for people and the land.  Removing fire from the landscape can cause ecosystems that need periodic fire to become unhealthy:  trees are stressed by Forest after mechanical treatmentovercrowding, fire-dependent species disappear, and flammable fuels build up and become hazardous.  The Forest Service manages prescribed fires to benefit natural resources and protect communities. However, in some places and under some conditions it may be too difficult to safely use prescribed burning.  This is where the mechanical treatment of hazardous fuels can be a valuable tool. more...

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Managing Wildland Fire

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NIFC-National Interagency Fire Center
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The National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho is the command hub for the nation’s response to wildfires. More than 600 employees from eight federal and state agencies work together to mobilize aircraft, firefighters, engines, equipment, and intelligence to respond to wildfire.








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