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Surpassing our expectations and any previous year’s entries, FMT received more than 560 images from about 86 people for our 2004 photo contest! Thanks to everyone who contributed their best fire-related images to this year’s competition.

We asked people to submit images in six categories:

·        Wildland fire

·        Prescribed fire

·        Wildland-urban interface fire

·        Aerial resources

·        Ground resources

·        Miscellaneous (fire effects, fire weather, fire-dependent communities or species, etc.)

After the contest deadline, we evaluated and eliminated any technically flawed image, such as those with soft focus or low resolution. Although eliminated, many of these images were otherwise outstanding.

Next, three judges reviewed, scored, and ranked the remaining images based on traditional photography criteria. We sincerely appreciate the time and skill that our judges gave to this effort! They asked questions such as:

·        Is the composition skillful and dynamic?

·        Are the colors and patterns effective?

·        Does the image tell a story or convey a mood?

However, if the judges thought that only one or two images in a category were award worthy, then they made only one or two awards in that category—First, Second, or Third Place based on the merit of the image.

Lastly, fire safety experts reviewed the winning images to ensure that they did not show unsafe firefighting practices. If an unsafe practice was evident, successively high ranked images were awarded.

Do you have an image that tells a story about wildland firefighting?

Would you like to see your photo in print?

See current contest rules and entry form.

And the winners are: 

First Place, Wildland Fire.

Second Place, Wildland Fire.

Third Place, Wildland Fire.

First Place, Prescribed Fire.

Second Place, Prescribed Fire.

Third Place, Prescribed Fire.

First Place, Wildland–Urban Interface.

Second Place, Wildland–Urban Interface.

Third Place, Wildland–Urban Interface.

First Place, Ground Resources.

Second Place, Ground Resources.

Third Place, Ground Resources.

First Place, Aerial Resources.

Second Place, Aerial Resources.

Third Place, Aerial Resources.

Honorable Mention, Aerial Resources.

Honorable Mention, Aerial Resources.

First Place, Miscellaneous.

Second Place, Miscellaneous.

Third Place, Miscellaneous.

Honorable Mention , Miscellaneous.




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