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Safety Alerts

FSSA = Forest Service Aviation Safety Alerts IASA = Interagency Aviation Safety Alerts

IASA 17-02 Gunner Strap Recall
IASA 17-01 DOT bans all Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones from Aircraft
IASA 16-04 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FAA Advisory
IASA 16-03 Ground and Water Drop Operations with the CH-47D and BV-234 Helicopters
IASA 16-02 How to Properly Refuse Risk in Aviation
IASA 16-01 AS350 Family Tail Rotor Bellcrank
FSSA 15-01 Procedures for Reporting GPS Outages and Interference
IASA 15-01 UAS Intrusions Impacting Incident Air Operations
IASA 14-03 Conflicts with Civilian Unmanned Aircraft & Hobbyist
IASA 14-02 Automated Flight Following (AFF) Inoperable
IASA 14-01 Gunner Strap and Tether Rigging
IASA 13-02 Technisonic TDFM-136/A and 136/NV Radio Issues
IASA 13-01 Helicopter Brace for Impact Position
IASA 12-05 Helicopter Water Drops and Ground Forces
IASA 12-04 Aerial Supervision
IASA 12-03 Aviation Radio Frequencies
FSSA 12-01 Fatigue in Aviation Operations
IASA 12-02 Aerial Supervision and Fire Traffic Area
IASA 12-01 Helicopter Cargo Hauling Equipment (REVISED 06/18/2012)
IASA 11-03 Helicopter Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness
IASA 11-02 Dip Tanks
IASA 11-01 Meteorological Evaluation Towers
IASA 10-02 Tossing Objects Under Turning Rotor Blades
IASA 10-01 Defective Spheres
FSSA 09-02 Rappel Equipment and Procedural Change
FSSA 09-01 Rappel Operations Equipment and Procedural Check
IASA 09-04 External Load and Short Haul Operations
IASA 09-03 Sky Genie Inspection
IASA 09-02 Transportation of Hazardous Materials
IASA 09-01 Aircraft Icing
IASA 08-09 4-Point Seatbelt Harnesses
IASA 08-08 Immediately Inspect Swage Fittings on All Rappel Ropes
IASA 08-07 Effective SAFECOM Use
FSSA 08-01 Aviation Safety Awareness
IASA 08-06 Dart Aerospace Ltd Helicopter Seat 4 point Harness
IASA 08-05 Bell 407 Seats
IASA 08-04 Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)
IASA 08-03 Esmet Swivel
IASA 08-02 Fatigue in Aviation Operations
IASA 08-01 Aircraft Search and Rescue Protocol (Revised 5/5/08)
FSSA 07-01 Troutdale Airtanker Base Closure Rescinded
IASA 07-03 Risk Awareness and Mitigation of Hazards Caused by Human Factors
IASA 07-02 Retardant Dip Tanks
IASA 07-01 SPH-5 Flight Helmets
IASA 06-05 Flight Following Procedures utilizing Automated Flight Following (Revised 10/3/2006)
IASA 06-04 Mid-Air Collision Avoidance
IASA 06-03 Duties Requiring More Attention to Detail
IASA 06-02 Flights Conducted with Maintenance Deficiencies
IASA 06-01 The SAFECOM System - Your chance to speak out!
FSSA 06-02 Troutdale Airtanker Base Closure
FSSA 06-01 Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operations
FSSA 2005 Safety Alerts
FSSA 2004 Safety Alerts
FSSA 2003 Safety Alerts
FSSA 2002 Safety Alerts





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