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Technical Bulletins

FSTB = Forest Service Aviation Tech Bulletin
IATB = Interagency Aviation Tech Bulletin
IATB 2018-01 NAS1211B20 Ring and Stud Failure, Rappel Spotter Tether Attachment System
IATB 2017-02 Aviation Transport of hazardous Materials
IATB 2017-01 Clarification of the HOGE Power Check Requirement
IATB 2016-03 Harness for Doors Off Operations in Helicopters
FSTB 2016-02 Fixed-Wing Return to Contract Availability Process
IATB 2016-02 Bell 212HP amd Bell 205 A-1++ Load Calculations
FSTB 2016-01 Garmin VHF-AM Radio Revision of IAIB 2016-01 04/07/16
IATB 2016-01 Garmin VHF-AM Radios REVISED 02/18/16
IATB 2015-03 Plastic Aerial Ignition Spheres
IATB 2015-02 Basic Weather Information on Manifests and Use of Belt Weather Kits
IATB 2015-01 DOI & USFS Aircraft Procuremnet, Release vs Reassigned REVISED 10/27/14
IATB 2014-03 Onboard Systems Bell 206L/407 Manual Release Cable
IATB 2014-02 Interim Change to Interagency Aerial Ignition Guide
IATB 2014-01 Airtanker Base Frequencies -There is no National Standard 123.975
IATB 2013-02 Major Changes to Automated Flight Following
IATB 2013-01 Foam Weight Accountablity on Interagency Load Calculations
IATB 2012-04 Interagency Helicopter Pilot Card
IATB 2012-03 Heliwell Mobile Dip Tanks
FSTB 2012-02 Bourdon Snap Hooks Model 1210 BE
IATB 2012-02 Skipped
FSTB 2012-01 Rappel Equipment
IATB 2012-01 Renewed Hazmat Special Permit: DOT SP-9198, Sixteenth Revision
FSTB 2011-02 SMC Carabiners (Revised 09/22/11)
IATB 2011-03 Clarification of utilizing the Weight Altitude Temperature (WAT) Limit Chart
FSTB 2 011-01 Skid Tube Rope Abrasion Guards
IATB 2011-02 Hazmat Special Permit: DOT-SP-9198
IATB 2011-01 2011 Frequency Update
IATB 10-04 Hazmat Special Permit: DOT-SP-9198
IATB 10-03 TDFM-136A Radio Problems
IATB 10-02 Interagency Guidance on Toning of the National Flight Following Frequency
IATB 10-01 Airtanker Base Radio Frequencies
IATB 09-02 Dart Three-Point Seatbelt/Harness - Removal From Service
IATB 09-01 Clarification of Helicopter Load Calculation Method
IATB 08-03 Aircraft Fuel Sampling
IATB 08-02 National Flight Following Frequency
IATB 08-01 P25 Radio Implementation
IATB 07-03 Restriction on Restricted Category Aircraft Carrying Passengers or Cargo
IATB 07-02 Weight Reduction for Bell 407 Aircraft Equipped with High Skid Gear (pdf)
IATB 07-01 Checklist Discipline (pdf)
FSTB 2006-02 AS 350B3 Helicopters Equipped with ECL Airframe Fuel Filter Kit (p/n 350-600024) (pdf).
FSTB 2006-01 Performance Data for Multi-Engine Airplanes (pdf file)
FSTB 2005-01 Avionics Training and Programming (pdf file)
FSTB 2004-01 Static Line and Anchor Installation (pdf file)
FSTB 2003-01 Cleaning Solvent (pdf file)
FSTB 2003-02 Primus Fuel Bottle 1.0 (pdf file)



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