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The Forest Service Directive System consists of the Forest Service Manual and Handbooks, which codify the agency's policy, practice, and procedure. The system serves as the primary basis for the internal management and control of all programs and the primary source of administrative direction to Forest Service employees.

Forest Service Manual (FSM) 5700 and 6700 are the directives that ensure safety in our day-to-day operations. While we continue to work through revising our policy to a doctrinal philosophy, we must continue to use the current policy which supports the foundation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) in our aviation programs. The foundation of aviation safety is outlined in FSM 5720.

Forest Service Handbooks (FSH) provide specific detail to various operations and are also directive documents. The two handbooks that affect aviation operations are the 5709.16 Flight Operations Handbook and 6709.11 Health & Safety Code Handbook.

There are numerous "Guides", both Forest Service and Interagency that provide guidance as well as policy statements. Statements in guides that include “shall, must or will” are directive statements.

FSM 5703.4 specifies that and Forest Service helicopter operations must comply with the following interagency guides:
1. Interagency Helicopter Operations Guide (IHOG)
2. Interagency Aerial Ignition Guide
3. Interagency Helicopter Rappel Guide

FSM 5703.5 specifies that Forest Service fixed-wing operations must comply with the following interagency guides:
1. Interagency Air Tactical Group Supervisor Guide (IATGS)
2. Interagency Leadplane Operations Guide (ILOG)
3. Interagency Single Engine Airtanker Guide (ISOG)
4. Interagency Smokejumper Pilots Operations Guide (ISPOG)

Please see Manuals, handbooks and Guides to view all the Aviation related Directives and Guides.


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