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The Assurance portion of Safety Management Systems consist of Program Reviews and Evaluations, Aviation Safety Technical Assistance Teams (STAT), System Safety Audit Teams, Annual Safety Reports, Mishap Investigation, and numerous other tools to monitor and report the health of our prevention efforts.

Peer-to-Peer Accountability Tools

    • Information Bulletin IA 10-01 Distributionand Utilization of Peer-to-Peer Tools (PDF)
    • Evaluation of Aerial Supervision and Ground Personnel (Word) (PDF)
    • Evaluation pf Retardant and Bucket Operations (Word) (PDF)
    • After Action Review Log (Word) (PDF)
    • Daily Flight Crew Briefing Checklist (Word) (PDF)
    • Daily Risk Assessment (Word) (PDF)

Reviews and Evaluations

    • Forest Service Policy requires program reviews and evaluations as a systemic process for analyzing and reporting information at all levels of the Forest Service aviation program. These include Aviation Management Reviews and Site Visits. For more information see FSM 5719 - Reviews and Evaluations

Aviation Safety Teams
    • STAT Teams - During high levels of wildlland fire activity, the Forest Service uses Safety and Technical Assistance Teams (STAT) to provide on the spot assistance to both fixed-wing and helicopter operations. This includes clarifying policy, providing assistance in approving aircraft and pilots and assisting with maintenance and safety issues. The team is ordered by regional aviation and aviation safety staff, whom provides the team with objectives and responsibilities and report criteria. Teams generally consist of 3 -5 members of the following specialists: Aviation Safety Manager, Fixed-Wing or Helicopter Operations Specialist, Pilot Inspector, Maintenance Inspector and Avionics Inspector.
    • Safety Management System Audit Teams are conformed on an as needed basis from the Washington Office, NIFC. These audits look at the contractor in an effort to ensure they meet contractual, regulatory and/or industry standards. This is a status check of the contract requirements during the mandatory availability period to assure the government's expectations are being complied with.

Statistical Summaries

Fiscal Year Aviation Safety Summaries include an executive summary, statistical summary with flight hours and accident rates by aircraft type, SAFECOM summary and mishap summary.

Mishap Investigations

Accident reporting number 1-888-464-7427

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