Forest Inventory and Analysis
National Program Office 

Andrew J. R. Gillespie - FIA WO-Staff
W. Brad Smith - FIA WO-Staff 

USDA Forest Service
Voice  703.605.4177 FAX 703.605.5131

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Regional Offices

Interior West Region
Michael Wilson - Program Manager 
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Tel 801-625-5388

North Central Region
Dennis May - Program Manager 
North Central Research Station
Tel 651-649-5139

Northeast Region
Chip Scott - Program Manager
Northeastern Research Station
Tel 610-557-4075

Pacific Northwest Region
Sue Willits - Program Manager 
Pacific Northwest Research Station
Tel 503-808-2066

Southern Region
John F. Kelly - Program Manager 
Southern Research Station
Tel 828-257-4306

Resource Planning Act (RPA)