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About the Technology Service Line

The TSL is designed to provide technology solutions to the FS and other agencies allowing employees to enhance work methodologies using digital resources. Technology is constantly changing, and employees have many tasks competing for their limited time. The need to focus on what tools are best to complete work or how those technology solutions operate within the FS environment can overwhelm an employee’s time. The TSL is comprised of information technology (IT) professionals who understand the FS environment and culture, as well as the construct of the corporate technology environment. These IT professionals also possess strong business analytical expertise, enabling them to craft optimal technological solutions to assist employees in achieving performance goals and to increase the quality of agency products and services delivered.

Our Mission

To support the agency in its day-to-day operations through the utilization of technology. Through quality work that is inventive and relevant, the service line will assist the agency in getting the most out of corporate information technology investments by comprehensively applying technologies to business practices which allow staff to work smarter, not harder. Ultimately, the goal is to better connect people and processes through advanced technologies that streamline work and nurture better end results for all users.

Services Offered

  • Application Development
    • Database applications (such as the current technologies of Oracle and SharePoint)
    • Forest Service future planning with application development
    • Business analysis
    • CIO/WO focus initiatives
    • GIS applications
    • Research & development (R&D) with new technologies for applications
  • Web Development
    • Agency compliance
    • Web coding and template design
    • Research & development (R&D) for web technologies
    • CIO initiatives
    • Web applications
  • Data Management
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application and support
    • Cartography
    • Digital data management
  • Application Support
    • Digital Visions developed applications (currently over 15 applications such as LEIMARS, FLEET, and VAM)
    • Agency applications (NRM, ALP, WorkPlan)
    • CHD Helpdesk WebQue
  • IT Support
    • Video teleconferencing
    • Computer support
    • Web/Virtual meeting support
    • GPS
    • Cell phones/iPads/tablets
  • Technology/Communication combined offerings
    • Virtual meeting facilitation
    • Web design, layout and content development
    • Story mapping using GIS
    • Training development (e.g. e-learning)
    • Development of digital friendly publications
    • Social media
    • Storyboarding and content support for mobile applications and mobile friendly data
    • Virtual field trips and classroom experiences

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