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About the Heritage Service Line

Enterprise HSL supports national, regional, forest and other agency efforts to comply with applicable heritage and historic preservation laws and Forest Service directives. The HSL provides a wide array of support services to address history and heritage resource management related requests.

Our Mission

Enterprise HSL is an experienced provider of preservation, stewardship, and public use of archaeological resources, historic properties, and Forest Service history. The HSL focuses on meeting Forest Service heritage needs by serving as an extension of staff, where specific skill sets are in short supply or when workload and workflow issues arise. This service line provides a range of scalable heritage, historic preservation, and history services with employees that are knowledgeable, skilled, mobile, flexible, and dedicated to serve our agency clients.

Services Offered

Heritage Compliance

  • National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) S106/S110 compliance and consultation for Archaeology and Historic Built Environment
    • We offer archaeological reconnaissance surveys, historic built environment surveys, NRHP determinations of eligibility, Memorandum of Agreements with SHPOs, determine and implement creative mitigation for adverse effects, site form updates and report writing, fuels reduction projects, range/grazing permits, BAER (burned area emergency response) and other types of fire recovery projects, historic research, Class I reports, and field director services for local crews
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance and consultation
    • We offer Heritage compliance for NEPA, including ID Unit involvement, GIS analysis, and completion of NEPA specialist reports for EA’s (Environmental Assessments), EIS’s (Environmental Impact Statements), and CE’s (Categorical Exclusions). Includes writing and reviewing components of planning documents.
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) compliance
    • We provide Heritage component of compliance
  • ARPA (Archaeological Resources Protection Act)
    • We provide Heritage component for ARPA damage assessments
Historic Preservation-Public History
  • Historic Property Management Plans (HPMPs)
    • We produce condition assessments and provide easy–to–use plans that include critical restorative treatments, priority restorative measures, on–going preservation needs, and cost estimates for each recommended treatment. Plans can be adapted to fit manager's and resources needs.
  • Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Studies
    • We examine how to best use historic facilities or landscapes, solicit partnerships, and outline processes for preferred use.
  • Historic and Architectural Contexts
    • We produce thematic contexts based on resource types or time periods for use with Section 106/110 compliance and other management issues. We work with publication with GPO for publication if desired.
  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Nominations
    • We produce NRHP nominations according to the new NPS Standards and work with SHPO process to edit and prepare for NPS.
  • Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER/HALS)
    • We produce documentation according to NPS Standards at all levels.
  • Interpretation Planning and Design for historic resources and sites
    • We produce interpretive management plans and design. This includes creation and production of interpretive media and materials such as wayside exhibits, mobile exhibit/tours, site improvements, auto or walking tours, interpretive maps, virtual tours, interpretive presentations, online exhibits, oral histories, and NRHP nominations.
  • Digitization and Care of Historic Records
    • We help convert historic records into digital files with character recognition, store digital files with FS National Library, create finding aides for collection, and help relocate original records to the appropriate facility.
  • Management of Archaeological and Historic Collections
    • We provide curation and planning support for artifacts.
  • Oral History and Ethnographies
    • We produce oral histories for various project types, curate oral histories, and create web exhibits for oral histories.
    • We conduct ethnographic studies to assist in heritage compliance, study land-use and determine communities of interest for NEPA and NFMA land and resource management planning.
  • Public Archaeology
    • We help with Passport in Time (PIT) project management. We help organize and implement volunteer projects for Priority Heritage Assets.

Heritage Program Support including NRM-Heritage Data Management

  • Heritage Management Program Assistance
    • We create and review Heritage Management Program plans.
  • Heritage Program Standards
    • We assess site conditions and funding needed. We provide Historic Preservation and Facilities Planning.
    • We work with heritage and facilities managers to identify programmatic needs and resource uses, and provide support to manage programs to standard.
  • INFRA soon to be NextGen Heritage 2.0
    • We provide NRM Data Steward duties, NRM-Heritage development and implementation, data management for heritage resources and enter I–web data, training and help desk functions, and updating I–web.
  • Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS)
    • We provide office management of GPS including managing crew's data and data correction.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • We create site/survey maps and shapefiles and analyze project areas for potential effects to heritage resources, etc.
    • We conduct spatial analysis and develop site predictive models for planning purposes.
  • Tribal consultation
    • We provide professional services to assist line officers and staff in consultation with federally (and in some cases non–federally recognized) Native American Tribes, Alaskan Tribal Corporations and Native Hawaiians (Tribes) to fulfil their responsibilities to engage Tribes in all phases of land management planning.
    • We provide training, guidance and manuals on government-to-government relations, tribal consultation and working with traditional communities on or adjacent to NFS lands.