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U.S. Forest Service
Caring for the land and serving people

United States Department of Agriculture

Forest Planning and NEPA

About the Forest Planning Service Line

Forest planning is integral to the agency mission to sustain our nation’s forests and grasslands, and deliver benefits to the public. The Forest Planning Service Line (FPSL) possesses a group of highly trained internal agency personnel with in-depth knowledge and experience conducting Forest Service NEPA planning. Thus, the FPSL “speaks the language” and is efficient at providing high caliber support consistent with laws, regulations and agency directives, including requirements unique to a geographic area or resource. The FPSL also draws resources using service contracting, grants and agreements, in-service authorizations, detailers and temporary workforce when these are necessary or otherwise ideal for a specific planning project.

Our Mission

To serve as a key agency resource that is agile and responsive to the shifting needs of forest planning. This service line furthers the agency mission to apply knowledge globally by facilitating networking and resource and technology expertise exchange within and outside of the agency.

Services Offered

  • Project NEPA Support
    • Environmental Coordinator/IDT Lead
    • NEPA project coordinator / manager
    • eMNEPA:
      • Content Analysis
      • Mailing List Mgt.
      • Project Record
  • NEPA Planning and Socio-Economic Training and Mentoring
    • NEPA team leadership training and mentoring
    • Introduction to NEPA
    • Socio-economic assessment tools and databases training and support
    • Socio-economic training videos and user guides for planners and decision-makers
  • Socio-Economics
    • Analysis and Research
      • Economic Impact Analysis
      • Economic Efficiency Analysis
      • Social Impact Analysis
      • Environmental Justice Analysis (new requirement for LMP revisions)
      • Civil Rights Impact Analysis
      • Socio-Economic formal research
    • Public Involvement Support
      • Public Involvement Plans
      • Event Planning
      • Large Meeting Facilitation
      • Collaboration
      • Talking Points Collaborative Mapping
      • Community Economic Workshops
      • Content Analysis
  • Pre-LMP Revision Assessment Support
    • Scenery Management System Inventories
    • Recreation Opportunity Spectrum Inventory
    • Wild and Scenic River eligibility
    • Wilderness Inventory and Evaluation
    • Land Suitability – vegetation mapping and modeling
    • Species of Conservation Concern identification
    • Habitat Mapping
  • Forest LMP Revision - NEPA Support
    • Environmental Coordinator
    • NEPA project management
    • eMNEPA:
      • Content Analysis
      • Mailing List Mgt.
      • Project Record
  • Forest LMP Monitoring Support
    • Socio-economic monitoring
    • Project lead support for Plan Monitoring Program
  • Forest LMP Amendment Support
    • Programmatic plan amendments (e.g. sage grouse, Northwest Forest Plan)
    • Monument Management Plans
    • Trail Comprehensive Planning
    • Wilderness Management Plan
    • Comprehensive River Management Plan
  • Other Agency Land Management Planning
    • BLM Resource Mgt. Planning
    • City Watershed Planning