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Fire Fuels and Safety

About the Fire, Fuels, and Safety Service Line

The Fire, Fuels, and Safety service line (FFASSL) is uniquely positioned to provide agency support in addressing the national cohesive strategy’s goals to restore and maintain resilient landscapes, build fire adapted communities, and implement safe and effective wildfire response when necessary. The agile nature of the EP allows it to stay abreast of changes in national policy and direction, technology, science, and analytical methods. This in turn allows us to bridge gaps between the Washington office, regions, forests, and research stations and offer support where local units lack capacity or expertise.

Our Mission

To provide the Forest Service and external customers with a skilled, experienced, virtual, and mobile workforce to complete priority fire, fuels, and aviation project work or to solve problems that can’t be accomplished with the traditional workforce due to other priorities or lack of capacity. Additionally, the FFASSL aims to assist in implementation of the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

Services Offered

  • Project-Level NEPA
    • Fuel specialist reports
    • Air quality reports
  • Landscape Assessments
    • Landscape prioritization
    • Wildfire risk assessment
    • Vegetation and fire regime departure assessment
    • Fire & Invasives Assessment Team (FIAT) sage grouse assessments
    • State-and-Transition modeling for future conditions
  • Forest Plan Revision Support
    • Developing and conducting assessments (see above) for the assessment phase
      • Applying assessment results to the development of plan components
  • Strategic Management Planning
    • Fuel treatment prioritization
    • Risk mitigation strategy development
    • Fire management plans
    • Spatial fire management plans
    • Burn plans
    • Community wildfire protection plans
    • Carbon accounting
Tech Transfer & Outreach
  • Fire Behavior Assessment Team
  • Publications
  • Conference Presentations
Wildland Fire Support
  • Incident Management Support
  • Rx Burning
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • RAWS Maintenance
  • Aviation Safety – Risk Management, Training, and Support
  • Critical Accident Investigation (primarily those involving aircraft)