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Hiring the Enterprise Program

How to Hire Enterprise Program Services:

    1. Start by reviewing our Service Areas and contacting the area with the services you need. Be ready to discuss your needs.
    2. The service contact will provide you with a draft work order which outlines the services to be provided by the Enterprise Program and the costs.
    3. Once both parties finalize the work order to best represent the scope of work, (special skills needed, estimate of time required to complete the task, your budget, travel needed, supplies, etc.) the work order will be signed by you and the Enterprise Program Lead. 
    4. Work begins and services are provided as outlined in the work order. You will be provided with periodic updates from your project manager, along with invoices.
    5. When the project is completed, you will be provided with the final invoice to approve the services and finances.

What About the Cost?: Enterprise's Cost Structure

We often receive questions about Enterprise’s cost structure. Because we are full cost recovery (receiving no direct appropriated funding), our approach to financial management is unique within the Forest Service.

    a) Each year, all costs for the Program must be recovered through the work we perform.
    b) Our bill rates are employee specific; driven by the circumstances and expenses of each position.
    c) The total cost of the position is fully recovered through the portion of the year available to participate on project work. Generally this is 65% of the salary funded 261 days.
    d) As part of the Working Capital Fund, we are required to account for risk and maintain a funds reserve.
How the Forest Service Enterprise Program Sets Bill Rates

Our Statement of Accountability

It is very important to us to be accountable to those who choose to use our services. Using our standard work order template, we strive to better clearly identify client expectations, deliverables, and estimated costs; highlight the dependencies that must be met for the project to be successful; and identify all components needed to achieve the project goals. Enterprise also institutes regular reporting intervals to clients on the status of project accomplishment and funding balances through the invoicing process.  Thus, you will receive monthly or quarterly statements showing you how the work is proceeding and costs incurred. Please speak to a service line manager if you have questions regarding Enterprise services.