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About Us

Supporting the Forest Service Mission

Have you ever faced the dilemma of needing a specific support function for a project, like assistance with rehabbing a trail or help developing a communication strategy? Or perhaps you are a webmaster on a forest in need of 508 compliancy guidance. You know the work is there, but you're unsure how you might tackle the need ahead, by lacking personnel, experience and/or funds. This is where the USDA Forest Service Enterprise Program can support you in meeting your critical agency needs.

What is the Enterprise Program?

Since 1997, a group of USDA Forest Service employees have provided a variety of services at competitive prices within the agency. They are part of a program that is rather unique within the federal government, the Enterprise Program (EP). Though the program began as an experiment, the EP has been a permanent, national program since 2006.

The Enterprise Program is an agile branch of the Forest Service that complements and enhances the agency by offering an extensive range of services. Because the EP does not receive any appropriated funds, it is a self-sustaining agency program that thrives by performing at a high level while fully recovering operational costs. This also means you, the client, pay for what you need as we seek to provide you the superior service at the lowest cost possible. Whether a funded part-time support position or a one-time project, our team will work with you developing a plan of action that meets your needs. Although the EP originally served only the Forest Service, the organization now provides services to other federal, state, city, and county agencies. More about our history can be found in this article (PDF).

Who is the Enterprise Program?

We are USDA Forest Service employees offering skilled expertise, education and experience in a variety of program areas that connect directly to the agency’s mission. This includes services under the following program areas at all levels of the agency: information technology, communications, forest planning, engineering, heritage, recreation, special uses, watershed, biology, range, timber, fire, fuels, and safety. Being Forest Service employees, we speak and better understand the system you work in and can offer an alternative to other outside services (often at a reduced rate), where you pay only for what you need.

Why Enterprise?

  • We are federal employees who understand the world you work in.
  • We provide a variety of services to the agency that align with local, regional, and national USDA Forest Service strategic goals and priorities.
  • With nearly 300 employees stationed nationwide, we’re connected to national forests, grasslands, research stations, and state and private forestry offices near you.
  • You pay for what you need. In turn, we offer you, the client, the best product possible at the lowest cost available.
  • We seek to stay relevant and agile, by continually tracking key agency initiatives and strategic objectives, identifying forthcoming requirements, and positioning ourselves to be available and responsive.
  • Hire our services today!

Our Mission

To be a strategic Forest Service resource that provides managers a highly skilled and motivated workforce for flexible, on-demand services to achieve agency priorities.

Our Vision

To be the "go to" place in the agency for assistance with a broad range of services.

Our Objectives

  1. Deliver a range of services that contribute to mission-critical priorities
  2. Produce high client satisfaction plus excellent results, regardless of challenges.
  3. Set the standard in the agency for employee satisfaction, a safe working environment, diversity, and retention of talent/skill mix.

What Is Different Now?

Enterprise organizationally realigned in April 2017 to streamline the Program’s operations and expand value and viability. Enterprise is no longer comprised of individual 'units' or ‘teams’ – our new unified approach offers our clients a one-stop shop for a wide range of services. With the realignment, we have more consistent internal and external operational practices. Our improved practices include consistent methods and templates to define the work we are asked to do, such as costs, project timelines and associated deliverables. We now have more sophisticated tools for managing project objectives, workforce assigned tasks, work progress, and associated funding consumption.

We also have strengthened the relationship between our workforce and the work we are asked to do. Our supervisors are engaging with our employees in a deeper way. Now in year 2 of this investment, we are learning more about our employees – tuning in beyond skills and experience to listen to interests and passions. Enterprise attracts highly diverse work. The more we are able to match our work with the skills, experience, interest and passions of our employees, the more our employees are energized and excited by the work they do, in turn fueling the superior performance we seek. The Enterprise environment is fast-paced and ever-changing – offering tremendous opportunity for employees to stretch and grow.

Enterprise continues to grow as our extremely flexible suite of positions are staffed relative to the work we are asked to do. Responses to Enterprise position outreaches are rich with talent and we will continue to build the Enterprise employee base providing a robust pool of highly skilled employees as national resources. Enterprise employees offer nationally relevant experience, bringing in new ideas and solutions to each of the Forests they work with.

Enterprise is Growing. Join Us!

Enterprise welcomes highly motivated employees who thrive in an innovative, flexible, project-focused environment. We are committed to creating a healthy workplace that supports our employees and maximizes individual potential by providing a unique avenue for the workforce to build a meaningful connection to the mission. As an Enterprise employee, you have an influence on the opportunities to pursue the work that you have the skills and passion for, while helping the Agency meet its goals. We hope you consider applying to join our leadership team and be a part of evolving Enterprise into the future! Opportunities for employment within the EP can be found on our Job Opportunities page.