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Road Management

Road management activities meet agency goals of ensuring effective public service by:

  • providing information about roads to users;
  • coordinating conflicting activities on roads;
  • ensuring that commercial users perform or pay for maintenance made necessary by their use
  • making annual road maintenance plans; and
  • most importantly, keeping roads safe.

Road management also aids decisions about where to spend limited road maintenance funding amongst competing priorities. When funding is much less than maintenance needs, if roads are closed by natural events such as floods, landslides, and blown down trees, it can be an opportunity to reduce future road maintenance needs. If the access provided by a road is not critical to forest management, the wisest decision may be to leave that road closed and spend available road maintenance funds elsewhere on higher priority road maintenance needs critical to public safety, resource protection, or forest access. When traffic ceases, road maintenance needs created by traffic cease. This reduces future road maintenance obligations.

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