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Have shifts in resource management concerns and organizational structure left you with facilities that don't support your program effectively? Does the prospect of contributing to Cost Pool 09 worry you because you suspect that you have more square feet of structures than you really need or can afford?

The Forest or Station Facilities Master Plan will help you address these and other facilities concerns. It is the foundation document necessary for almost every significant facilities decision, so it is the very first tool in this toolbox.

Information on this Web site applies to administrative site master planning. The process for recreation sites is called Recreation Facility Analysis (Web site available only to Forest Service and BLM employees).

Facilities Master Planning Topics

Photo of West Fork Ranger District

West Fork Ranger Station. The need for these new structures was identified in the Facilities Master Plan.

Forest: Bitterroot
District: West Fork
Region: 1

What's the difference between a Regional Strategic Facilities Management Plan and a Forest or Station Facilities Master Plan?

Why Is a Facilities Master Plan Needed?

What Is the Facilities Master Plan Process?

What Is Included In the Facilities Master Plan?

What Are the Space Utilization Requirements?

What Happens After the Facilities Master Plan Is Complete?

What Is the Preliminary Project Analysis, and How Is It Used?

Assembling a Preliminary or Final Project Prospectus

Your Site Development Plan

Rating Your Facilities' Cost Effectiveness

Facilities Master Plan Examples

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