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FSH 7309.11, chapter 24 details requirements for site development plans. All administrative sites owned by the Forest Service should have a current, approved site plan. An up-to-date site development plan is a mandatory precondition for capital improvement project funding. The physical conditions at the site and your Facilities Master Plan shape the site development plan.

The site development plan shows the existing attributes of your site such as property boundaries, setbacks, easements, ground contours, riparian areas and waterways, utilities, roads, paths and sidewalks, landscaping, buildings, and other structures. You may find it convenient to show climatological data such as prevailing winds, roof snow loading, normal ground snow cover, design temperatures, recorded temperature extremes, seismic zones, rainfall intensity, dominant views, and flood plain boundaries and flows on the site development plan so that the information is handy when planning new work. Your site development plan should also show planned changes to attain your desired facilities future condition. It should show the overall zoning of various site uses, such as offices, visitor services, warehousing and maintenance, family housing, and temporary housing.

As changes are made on the ground and planning documents are updated, your site development plan should be changed to reflect the most up-to-date information. For instance, when you complete a Preliminary Project Analysis, you should update the site development plan to show the general location of the recommended changes. Then as work is accomplished, you should again update the site development plan to show the actual locations of changes. For this reason, many units find it convenient to keep their site development plan in an electronic format with different types of information on separate drawing layers so that changes are quick and easy to accomplish and so that different layers can be turned off and on to permit printing copies that show only the desired information for various uses.

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