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What Happens After the Facilities Master Plan is Complete?


The Recommendations section of your newly completed Facilities Master Plan contains priorities for accomplishing the work necessary to move your unit from its current facilities condition to the desired future condition. There is still a lot of work remaining to accomplish the changes.

All recommended changes from the current facilities status must be entered into INFRA for accuracy of the database and so that related capital improvement projects can be considered for funding.

Photo of a house

Superintendent's House, on the Placerville compound, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Laboratory: Institute of Forest Genetics
Station: Pacific Southwest Research Station

Facilities that are recommended for retention for existing use and that don't need substantial renovation are the easiest to manage. Individual projects to accomplish needed maintenance work must be prioritized and entered into your unit's multiyear budgeting process. Relatively minor changes such as replacing handrails on stairways to meet current codes, replacing light fixtures with more energy efficient models, or changing exterior siding or paint colors to conform to the Built Environment Image Guide province guidelines or unit thematic guidelines can also be accomplished using the prioritization and budgeting process. On most units, this work is handled by the facilities engineer with input from the line officers and maintenance personnel. Forest Service Manual sections 7312.3 and 7312.4 provide guidance for this process.

For each of the facilities recommended for additions, renovations, alternative use, decommissioning, or acquisition, you will need to figure out the details of what should be done. A Preliminary Project Analysis for each of the changes will facilitate these decisions and will give you a jump start on the project prospectus. When considering changes that will impact the function of a site, you must assemble or update a site development plan for that location based on the information in the facility master plan and the preliminary project analysis. After you have completed these decision and planning stages, you will be ready to tackle the work of leasing, exchanging, selling, removing, agreements , or designing changes or a new facility. Each of these actions will require extensive coordination among the unit line officers, facility engineer, and appropriate specialists.

The project development process varies a little among regions and stations. Check with your Region or Station facilities program leader (Web site available only to FS and BLM employees) for more specific information.

It is a lot of work to effectively plan and manage your facility resources, but the payoff in appropriate facilities that support the work of your unit effectively is worth it.


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