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The Individual Steps in the Process

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Forest Supervisor and Leadership Team Commitment

The The Facility Database Analysis will provide the leadership team with the needed information to make good decisions. It is imperative that the Forest Leadership teams be committed to support a divesture plan for facilities. So it is imperative that the process is approved by the FLT prior to beginning this process. The facility maintenance budget may be wasted on buildings that are no longer needed or under-utilized and this is usually very frustrating to engineering staff. Leadership needs to be made aware of this problem, and this may be just the right process for your forest. The Forest Supervisor should act as the final supporter of any recommendations. If a District Ranger is in disagreement, he/she should make any counter points to the Forest Supervisor.

Update Existing Facility Master Plan

The Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is a tool for organizing and assigning principal facility support activities in the unit. Update the plan every 3 years or so. Updates are especially important when a proposed action is identified. And in this case we want to identify facilities that are excess.

A formal, signed FMP documents decisions made by the Forest Leadership Team (FLT). The team that develops the FMP needs to have representatives from the District and Supervisor's Office. Resource groups need to be able to participate. This document needs to be concise enough that it can be discussed and approved in the course of a FLT meeting.