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This toolbox originated in Region 4 and is intended to help any Region verify excess structures by using facility-rating codes in a Facility Analysis Spreadsheet. Conditions of buildings and other subjective information need to be completed by unbiased personnel, so all buildings are compared against similar standards. The condition of all buildings will be determined by actual inspection sheets and photography. For more information about the Region 4 approach, see R4 Facilities Initiative letter , January 1999.

Before embarking on any facility process, remember that a current Facility Master Plan must be completed. FMP Toolbox

By utilizing the Facility Database spreadsheet, current and prior year operating plans for facility maintenance, and INFRA structure data base numbers, you will be able to determine statistically which building usage is needed long-term, short-term, or if it is under-utilized.

Part of this plan will include utilizing the Historic Preservation Process. Buildings which are 40+ years old will need to have an historical evaluation completed following all current rules and regulations. . The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is an independent Federal agency that provides a forum for influencing Federal activities, programs, and policies as they affect historic resources. See this link to find out more about the Historic Preservation Process.