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This section of the facilities toolbox provides information to help integrate accessibility into facilities while complying with legal requirements and codes. The topics below address common concerns and provide links to detailed information.

Accessibility Tools

Photo of an accessible outdoor restroom facility at Lee Creek Campground
This accessible precast concrete vault toilet is at Lee Creek Campground near Lolo, MT. The toilet also serves a winter cross-country ski trailhead.

Forest: Lolo
District: Lolo
Region: 1

Disabled or handicapped or ??? Which terms should be used?

What does "accessible" mean?

Which accessibility guidelines must we use?

Does the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) apply to the Forest Service?

Must all new or reconstructed facilities be accessible?

Do facilities in remote locations have to be accessible?

What is program accessibility?

What is a transition plan? Does every facility need one?

What is an accessibility evaluation survey and when is one needed?

How does universal design fit in?

When is a facility considered accessible?

When is a historic structure considered accessible?

How can existing buildings be retrofitted to make them accessible?

What can be done to improve accessibility during routine facility maintenance?

What terms will let people know whether our facility is accessible?

How should we describe facilities that only meet some of the accessibility guidelines?

Where must the wheelchair symbol be posted?

Where can I learn more about accessibility?

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