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What does "accessible" mean?

The term "accessible" means in compliance with the accessibility guidelines.

A site, facility, or program either meets the requirements of the Federal accessibility standards and guidelines or it does not meet the requirements and is not accessible. Accessibility is only evaluated using these standards and guidelines. There is no such thing as "partially accessible," although it is possible for parts of a facility to be accessible while other parts are not.

Image of a person in a motorized wheelchair moving up a sidewalk towards a building.
An accessible District office entrance.

Forest: White Mountain
District: Saco
Region: 9

As with all building codes, facilities must comply with the accessibility standards and guidelines in effect when they are constructed. Many of our facilities predate accessibility laws, but all Federal facilities must be accessible, with few exceptions , regardless of age. Once we bring a facility up to current accessibility standards and guidelines, that facility is considered accessible even if there are changes to the standards and guidelines later. However, if a facility is altered, reconstructed, or replaced, it must be brought into compliance with the highest standard of Federal or Forest service accessibility guidelines in place at that time.


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