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Remote Sensing Applications Center
2222 W. 2300 South
Salt Lake City, UT
84119 - 2020
voice: (801) 975-3750
fax: (801) 975-3478

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Introduction to Fusion
Launch Page

When you have finished with the program, you may return to the previous page using your browser's "Back" button.

Following are: 1) known issues that you might need to be aware of, 2) navigation help, 3) hyperlink help, 4) Exercise Instructions and Data Links, and 5) Contact Information.

1) Known Issues

This tutorial uses popups. If you have popups blocked (for example through a Google toolbar), then all you will see is this screen (and not the online application). You must disable popup blocking to access the online interface.

This application is designed for Internet Explorer version 5 and above. If you are using IE version 5+, the application may not open or it may behave in unexpected ways. This application will not function with Mozzilla FireFox and NetScape browsers.

Font Size: if the text on the buttons or pages seems too large and overspills their bounds, you are likely using a Large Fonts video mode. Switching to Small Fonts video mode should resolve this issue.

2) Navigation Help

There are two ways to navigate through this tutorial: 1) select a topic from the 'Table of Contents' on the welcome page, or, 2) click the navigation arrows on the right margin to turn page-by-page, to return to the beginning or end of the tutorial.  You may click on the 'MENU' button at any time to return to the welcome page where the 'Table of Contents' is listed.  If the navigation buttons are 'greyed-out' this means that there are no more pages to view in the direction of the arrow. 

3) Hyperlink Help

There are hyperlinks in this application, which are shown as color-highlighted text.  This typically indicates a text hyperlink (such as a definition or further explanation of a term), they are shown in red; however, it can also direct you to another page in this application or to a separate web page. Simply click the color-highlighted text to activate the hyperlink. 


Clicking the PDF icon will call a PDF document which contains instructions for a given topic. PDFs in this tutorial were created with Adobe Acrobat Professional, v6.0. Adobe PDF Reader must be installed on your system to view these PDF documents. To obtain Adobe PDF Reader please go to:

When you move your mouse over either type of hyperlink, the mouse cursor will change from the standard arrow to a hand with an extended index finger.

4)  Exercise Instructions and Data Links

If the tutorial application is inconvenient or inaccessible for any reason, the following table provides links to the required Fusion data and exercise instructions.The instruction files are in pdf format and the required data are in zip files.These files can be accessed by clicking on the file name in the table below.



Exercise PDF



Download and Install Fusion and the Example Data


Site is maintained by the Fusion developers.

Getting Started with Fusion


Use the example data set


Simple Measurements


Use the example data set


Plot Measurements



Use the example data set and


Creating a Fusion Project Part 1


This is a large (~68 Mbyte) data set.

Creating a Fusion Project Part 2


Use the output from Exercise 6


Creating a Fusion Project Part 3


Use the output from Exercises 6 and 7


Integrating with ArcMap


Use the output from Exercises 6, 7 and 8 and optional:

The data file is only required for the optional portion of Exercise 9.

Deriving Stream Networks


Use the output from Exercise 9.


Estimating Canopy Closure And Vegetation Density


Use the output from previous exercises.


Model for Forest Structure


Use the output from previous exercises.


Appendix 1: Addtional Forestry Applications


User the example data set.



5) Contact Information:

For general assistance:

The End User Support Center (EUSC): or (888)-426-3872 provides support to end users in the Forest Service.

For assitance regarding this online interface or content:

RSAC Main Office: (801) 975-3750

Brent Mitchell, RSAC, Remote Sensing Resource Specialist, (801) 975-3459 or


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