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Reference Documents

Most of the files on this page are in Adobe PDF format.  This format requires a special viewer that must be downloaded and installed before the documents can be read.  A free viewer is available from

Roads Analysis: Informing Decisions About Managing the National Forest Transportation System

The Analysis: The Roads Analysis procedure (pages i-36, 238k)

Appendix 1: Ecological, Social and Economic Considerations (pages 37-119, 262k)

Appendix 2: Indicators for Analysis of Water/Road Interactions (pages 120-212)

Appendix 3: Hydrologic Condition Assessment Tools -- Module of Indicators for Roads Analysis (HCAT-MIRA) [pages 213-220, 207k)

Appendix 4: National Forest Prototypes (page 221, 93k)

Appendix 5: The Roads Analysis Support Team (page 222, 5k)

References: Complete list of recommended references in the Roads Analysis and Appendixes.  The publications listed in this bibliography are available through local, public, state, and university libraries.  Forest Service employees may obtain these publications from the Forest Service Library Network.

Misc. Report FS-643, USDA Forest Service, Washington, DC, August 1999


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