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Keller, G.; Ketcheson, G. . 2015. Storm damage risk reduction guide for low-volume roads. Tech. Rep. . 1277 1814. San Dimas, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, San Dimas Technology and Development Center. p.

This guide provides a framework for the selection of appropriate storm damage risk reduction treatments for low-volume roads. There are important tasks and processes that are necessary to make informed treatment selections that this guide does not cover in detail, but should be included in comprehensive road management programs. These tasks include road condition inventories, hazard assessments, and strategic plans for treating high-hazard sites.

Specific “stormproofing” measures discussed in this guide include timely road maintenance, many key road drainage measures, culvert diversion prevention, pulling back marginal fill slopes, use of biotechnical and vegetative slope stabilization and erosion control, gully prevention, bridge maintenance, and many other measures.

This guide currently is not accessible. An accessible version of the guide will be available by April 15, 2016.

Keywords: climate change, drainage, erosion control, hydrologic connectivity, low-volume roads, road rehabilitation, road repair, road stabilization, slope stabilization, watershed

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