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Graphic with a photo collage and text about the Forest Service Engineering program. There are five thumbnails of images of buildings, equipment and bridges. The text reads, Forest Service Engineering, Providing Premier Engineering Services Across a Diverse Natural Environment Through Innovative Technical Solutions. Vertically text reads, TEAMS with words created horizontally from each letter. These words include, Technology & Development, Engineering Services, Asset Management, Manage Information and Strategic Investments. Along the bottom of the graphic the text reads, Safety, Resources Stewardship, Collaboration & Partnerships, Ethics & Professionalism and A Diverse & Skilled Workforce.

Welcome to the Forest Service Engineering home page.

We are the folks who provide engineering technical assistance for the management of about 200 million acres of forests, lakes, mountains, and prairies - your National Forests and Grasslands. If you want to know more about the specific sorts of work we do, please visit the links in the menu to the left.

As well as supporting the USDA Forest Service directly, we work closely with other Federal agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management and Federal Highway Administration, state and local governments, tribal governments, and many private cooperators to better meet the Forest Service mission of caring for the land and serving people.



The History of Engineering in the Forest Service (A compilation of History and Memoirs, 1905 – 1989)


US Forest Service
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