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Man in helicopter with Plastic Sphere DispenserThe plastic sphere dispenser (PSD) is installed in the passenger compartment of a helicopter and dispenses plastic spheres out the door opening of the aircraft. The plastic spheres contain potassium permanganate and are injected with ethylene glycol (antifreeze) by the PSD before being discharged. A chemical reaction between the potassium permanganate and ethylene glycol causes the sphere to ignite approximately 20 to 30 seconds after injection. The PSD is the best choice for under burning and for burning light fuels when fuel conditions are good. The PSD is faster and easier to use than the helitorch but is not as effective in heavy fuels or marginal fuel conditions. An operator controls the PSD from the back seat of the aircraft. A burn boss oversees burning operations from the front seat.

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Plastic Sphere Dispenser

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