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Pikes Peak Highway Monitoring

Monitoring the Effectiveness and Validating Response to the Road Related Mitigation Practices Implemented on the Pikes Peak Highway

In May 2001, a study plan was approved as part of the settlement agreement between the Sierra Club and the United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service in Sierra Club v. Venneman, Civil Action No. 98-M-662 (D. Colo.), (U.S. Department of Justice 2002). The original study plan and subsequent amendments call for effectiveness monitoring, designed to assess the on-site effectiveness of the mitigation practices implemented; and validation monitoring, designed to document the off-site impacts on the riparian, wetland, and aquatic systems within the area of influence of the Pikes Peak Highway (USDA Forest Service 2002 and 2003). As specified by the settlement agreement, the Forest Service provides annual reports and data describing the progress of the monitoring. The monitoring effort began in 2003 and ends in 2017.

Associated data for 2003 to 2017 are provided below in compressed self-extracting files or zip files. Download the file(s) of interest to your computer and extract their contents to your computer.

Field Guide

The field guide describes in detail the procedures for monitoring and documenting the effectiveness of mitigation practices outlined in the monitoring plan for the Pikes Peak Highway. It includes a description of the current monitoring protocols and data collected for each metric of concern and will be updated to document future changes in monitoring protocols.

  • Contact Rick Ulrich for the current version of the Field Guide.

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