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Land Management Plan Monitoring

Land Management Plan Monitoring is a specific application of inventory, monitoring, and assessment activities designed to answer these and similar questions:

  • What are the effects of resource management activities on the productivity of the land?
  • To what degree is on-the-ground management maintaining or making progress toward plan desired conditions and objectives?
  • Is there a need to adjust the monitoring program to account for unexpected changes in conditions?

Specific RIG responsibilities apply to social, economic, and ecological topics, and include guidance for:

  • Monitoring program design, planning, and management;
  • Integration of monitoring programs;
  • Standardization of appropriate program components;
  • Information needs assessment processes;
  • Accomplishment reporting; and,
  • Quality assurance and control.
USDA Forest Service LMP Monitoring and Evaluation: A Monitoring Framework to Support Land Management Planning

The Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to Support Land Management Planning guides the process of LMP monitoring by identifying the six themes and nine sub-elements that Forests and Grasslands should address to fulfill monitoring needs.

Purpose and Intent of Land Management Plan Monitoring

The purpose and intent of a Land Management Plan monitoring program are diagnostic and evaluative, focused and concise. Monitoring answers one overarching question:

Is there a need to develop a new plan or to change the existing plan?

A Land Management Plan monitoring program should facilitate understanding conditions and trends of a plan area’s key characteristics. A key characteristic responds to management actions in timely and meaningful ways that allow prompt recognition of a need to change. Generally, a need for change exists when progress towards desired conditions is inadequate, when intended contributions to sustainability are not occurring.

Forest Service Land Management Plan Monitoring Guidance

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