USDA Forest Service Resource Information Group

Collaboration and Coordination

Inventory, Monitoring, and Assessment today requires coordination, cooperation, and collaboration among many individuals and groups.

Where do you go for help? Here, is a good start.

The Resource Information Group (RIG) is responsible for policy, direction, and guidance regarding collaboration, coordination, and cooperation related to Inventorying, Monitoring, and Assessments on National Forests and National Grasslands. Specific responsibilities include developing technical guides and other resources for working with internal and external partners. Such tools can help program management, planning, standardization, corporate information management, accomplishment reporting, and quality assurance and control. We work with many others inside and outside the Forest Service to accomplish our job and share resources.

Partnership Resource Center

The RIG staff has partnered with the Forest Service's National Partnership Office and with the National Forest Foundation to provide integrated collaboration-related resources through the Partnership Resource Center. The Forest Service—through our many employees and with our many partners—contributes to a healthy and vibrant America by providing wise management of our Nation's water resources; engaging youth in conservation stewardship; promoting healthy, active lifestyles; and serving communities.

Visit the USDA Forest Service Partnership Resource Center…

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