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NEPA Services Group (NSG)
2222 W. 2300 St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 801-975-3358

NEPA Services Group:
Customized Services
Staff Training & Coaching
Comment Processing
Tools and Software Support
Training Resources
Client Comments



Database Tools:
Access letter-number generator

Coding Structure:
General codes template
Plan and project EIS action codes
Rule or directives action codes
Simplified coding for policies

Cover Sheet
Chapter Template

Blank Appendices:
Appendix A. Content Analysis Process
Appendix B. Coding Structure
Appendix C. Public Concern List
Appendix D. Demographics
Appendix E. Organized Response Report
Appendix F. List of Preparers
Appendix X. Site-specific Requests for Inclusion/Exemption

Attachment Report
Attribution List
Attribution Model
Early Attention Report
Weekly Comment Summary

Narrative Summaries:
Styles List
Document Editing
EIS Executive Summary
Chapter Examples
Rule Executive Summary




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