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NEPA Services Group (NSG)
2222 W. 2300 St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 801-975-3358

NEPA Services Group:
Customized Services
Staff Training & Coaching
Comment Processing
Tools and Software Support
Training Resources
Client Comments



We produce an array of standard reports that can be tailored to meet your needs. Reports can be issued on a periodic basis throughout the project or generated only upon project completion; other reports may be available depending on client needs.

Public Concern List
Lists distinct concerns distilled from public comments.

Narrative Summary
Clear, concise summary of key ideas, issues and concerns contained in each coding category, using representative quotes when appropriate.

Executive Summary
Clear, concise overview of key ideas summarized from the public’s concerns.

Demographics Report
Sorts and groups responses or respondents by state, organization, delivery type and/or response type.

Early Attention Report
Alerts agencies to specific types of responses that clients identify as requiring direct agency review, such as notifications of protests or litigation, threats, requests for immediate response, and technical or academic responses.

Information Request Report
Identifies public requests for information.

Content Analysis Report
Provides a project executive summary, a comprehensive list of public concerns and subconcerns, sample comments for each public concern, a narrative review of public concerns, and appendices such as the content analysis process, coding structure, and the reports listed above.

Mailing List
A mailing list of respondents who submitted responses (letters) to your project.

Web-Based Reading Room
An up-to-date web page provides easy public access to public comment letters.

Project Archive CD-ROM
A data CD serves as an archive for content analysis products and as a method to disseminate information to the public.



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