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NEPA Services Group (NSG)
2222 W. 2300 St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 801-975-3358

NEPA Services Group:
Customized Services
Staff Training & Coaching
Comment Processing
Tools and Software Support
Training Resources
Client Comments



We are agency leaders in the training, support and contracting of content analysis projects, policies and procedures. We increase the efficiency and consistency of comment analysis to ensure that the public's concerns are accurately represented in agency decision-making. We provide assistance and technical expertise for planning and NEPA efforts to better manage the lands and resources of the National Forest System for the American people.

We will develop a customized approach that meets the needs of your project. Our training and coaching programs will provide your staff with the ability to solicit, process, and accurately represent the public’s concerns; and our contract oversight services provide professional assistance to those who require additional resources. Explore your options with the links below.

Customized Services and Contract Oversight
Staff Training and Coaching
Client Comments

NSG training and oversight services are provided at no charge to Forest Service Units.

The Comment Analysis and Response Application is a web-based, self-service tool that will be available to all FS units (and their contractors) looking to analyze and respond to public comments on any type of NEPA project – large or small. It has been designed based on direct input from the FS field and will allow FS units to -
  • Accept comments submitted via web form, email,, USPS, PDF, MS Word, public meetings
  • Gather comment metadata, including contact info and the date/time the comment was submitted
  • Automatically sort unique comments, form letters, and those letters that fall somewhere in between
  • Code comments online
  • Analyze comments according to codes, demographics, etc.
  • Summarize public comments into public concerns
  • Respond to comments with links to specific comments and codes

For more information about how this tool can help you process, analyze and respond to public comments, as well as when it will be available, please contact Amy Barker at 801-975-3358.

NEPA Contracting and Partnerships:

Argonne National Laboratory brings focused skills to unique site-specific and programmatic problems. Argonne is available to assist USFS at all levels within the organization with expertise that is not readily available in the private sector.

The U.S. Forest Service and Argonne National Laboratory/U.S. Department of Energy have signed a Interagency Agreement (IAA) that allows USFS staff at all organizational levels access to Argonne’s technical and management resources. Contact Amy Barker (801-975-3358) at the NEPA Services Group for more information about Argonne’s capacity to assist your project work.



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