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NEPA Services Group (NSG)
2222 W. 2300 St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Phone: 801-975-3358

NEPA Services Group:
Customized Services
Staff Training & Coaching
Comment Processing
Tools and Software Support
Training Resources
Client Comments



Letter Processing and Mailing List
The NSG letter process begins by assigning a unique identifying number to all correspondence and then entering the correspondence into a database to ensure complete documentation of each response. Demographic information for each response allows for the creation of mailing lists.

Coding Responses
The public comment analysis process begins with coding coherent segments of text (comments) from each response. These codes allow the database user to sort and group thematically similar comments.

Comment Database Creation
All comments, comment codes, and demographic codes are entered verbatim into a database, which becomes a powerful tool for searching, sorting and grouping data.

Public Concern Identification
Comments from the database are grouped by category code so that analysts can review and compare comments with similar topical themes. Analysts then distill comments into a list of distinct public concern statements for use during your response to comment and issues identification stages. Analysts then organize the public concern list into a logical structure for the project and final reports.



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