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National Forest Management Act (NFMA)

Plan Model


The following documents are intended to explain how the Forest Service would approach Land Management Planning and provide field examples of what a Forest Plan looks like using the Plan Model.

The documents are:

1. Foundations of Forest Planning - Vol 1 (Version 3.1)- Preparing a Forest Plan

This is a concept book that describes the three parts of a Forest Plan, and conveys suggestions for building a plan in this format, based on the experiences of planners throughout the Forest Service.

2. Foundations of Forest Planning - Vol 2 (Version 2.0)- Building a Forest Plan

This is a concept book and a work in progress. It contains some initial ideas and concepts.

3. Examples Using the Plan Model

Following are links to recent plans using the Plan Model. These examples used the Plan Model in association with the 1982 planning regulations; the model is also useable under the new planning regulations with some minor adjustments.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area Revised Plan

Southern California Revised Plans (Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres, San Bernardino)

Questions about these documents or the Forest Service's use of them should be directed to Ecosystem Management Coordination Staff, USDA Forest Service, Washington D.C., at 202-205-0895.


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