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"We must encourage, catalogue, and expand the collaborative solutions that hold the most promise to protect our public lands and our working lands."

  Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture
National Vision for America's Forest
Seattle, WA 8/14/2009


Where in the agency can you find Forest Service professionals, community leaders, and academics working together to help forests and their stakeholders develop collaborative capacities? The National Collaboration Cadre (Cadre) is a network of people from around the US who provide coaching and training assistance to National Forests and their communities who are interested in understanding and developing collaborative processes. Cadre members’ experiences range from Forest Service staff in all types of positions in different regions of the agency; local municipal and count government, both elected and staff; not for profit regional associations; to academics who not only teach but serve as project consultants. All Cadre members have worked for and/or with the Forest Service at varying points in their careers and from different perspectives.

The Cadre helps forest and stakeholders organize for collaboration and are available to work with existing collaborative groups to help them evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and identify ways to improve their collaborative work. In addition, the Cadre offers two trainings: Understanding Collaboration and Collaboration in NEPA and Planning. These courses are offered on an as needed basis.  Cadre members work with Forest staff to schedule and design a session that fits a Forest’s needs. An experienced Cadre team will travel to the Forest for the training.

Cadre members are able to relate to their peers with whom they work and understand their goals and aspirations as well as their frustrations and concerns. Cadre members have all experienced failures and successes in the field of collaboration and want to share those lessons learned with their peers.

For more information:
Contact Sharon Timko (sharon.timko@usda.gov) at 202-205-1140


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