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Proposed Categorical Exclusions for Certain Restoration Projects


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Proposed Categorical Exclusions for Restoration

Project Title

Environmental Assessment (EA), Decision Notice (DN), Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI)
Arrowhawk Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project EA (.pdf, 1.85 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.19 MB)
Bald Fire Salvage and Restoration EA (.pdf, 1.57 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.38 MB)
Barnyard South Sheep EA (.pdf, 5.81 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 18.45 MB)
Bigelow-Newaygo Project EA (.pdf, 2.21 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 946 KB)
Biggie Vegetation Management and Fuels Reduction Project EA (.pdf, 8.25 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 168 KB)
Black Locust Fuelwood EA (.pdf, 1.29 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 245 KB)
Bucks Lake Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project EA (.pdf, 4.75 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 192 KB)
Charlie Preston EA (.pdf, 5.15 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 2.72 MB)
Cherokee Park Project EA (.pdf, 4.30 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 430 KB)
Davy Crockett Red-cockaded Woodpecker Prescribe Burn Project EA (.pdf, 1.41 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 2.26 MB)
Deep Creek Watershed Improvement Project EA (.pdf, 2.51 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 4.26 MB)
Deer Pen Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 4.26 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 4.49 MB)
Dry Restoration EA (.pdf, 4.69 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 18.94 MB)
East Wedge EA (.pdf, 2.08 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 8.18 MB)
Elkhorn Project EA (.pdf, 5.99 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 632 KB)
Escalante Forest Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 1.98 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 184 KB)
French Fire Recovery and Reforestation Project EA (.pdf, 6.80 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.20 MB)
Gooseberry Ecological Restoration EA (.pdf, 486 KB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 93 KB)
Gordon Hill Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 3.62 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 657 KB)
Grass Flat Hazardous Fuels Reduction and Forest Health Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 8.03 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 422 KB)
Grizzly Fire Salvage and Restoration EA (.pdf, 6.72 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.35 MB)
Hams Fork Vegetation EA (.pdf, 20.56 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 546 KB)
Hopkins Prairie Fire Salvage EA (.pdf, 5.86 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 5.17 MB)
Interior Vegetation Management Project EA/FONSI (.pdf, 6.22 MB) DN (.pdf, 4.44 MB)
Iron Springs Vegetation Improvement and Salvage Project EA (.pdf, 11.93 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.81 MB)
Julius Park Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 2.01 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.03 MB)
Junction Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 17.60 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 2.56 MB)
Keola Fuels and Forest Heath EA (.pdf, 2.80 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 6.47 MB)
Kidhaw Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project EA (.pdf, 141 KB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 7.77 MB)
Larson Forest Restoration Project EA/FONSI (.pdf, 7.11 MB) DN (.pdf, 1.51 MB)
Lemon Butte Project Environmental Assessment EA (.pdf, 9.99 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.48 MB)
Lower Skokomish Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 8.10 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 721 KB)
Macedonia EA (.pdf, 5.17 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 832 KB)
Marshall Woods Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 10.20 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 2.16 MB)
Martin Creek Resource Management Project EA (.pdf, 10.15 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 4.01 MB)
Middle Bugs EA (.pdf, 5.87 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 10.85 MB)
Millsteck EA (.pdf, 1.89 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 166 KB)
Mitchell Spring Vegetation Improvement Project EA (.pdf, 4.86 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.03 MB)
Morrison Run EA (.pdf, 2.12 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.23 MB)
Mower Tract Restoration EA (.pdf, 3.65 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 2.21 MB)
North Heber Salvage Project EA (.pdf, 6.33 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 29.06 MB)
North Shore Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 2.38 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.07 MB)
Ocala Fuel Reduction Mowing EA (.pdf, 421 KB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 364 KB)
Pine Ridge Landscape Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 1.50 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.21 MB)
Pipeline Northwest Restoration Plan DN/FONSI/EA (.pdf, 9.16 MB)  
Red Hill Restoration EA (.pdf, 11.55 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.73 MB)
Reedy Timber Sale Project EA (.pdf, 3.34 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 9.32 MB)
Renshaw Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 2.91 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 789 KB)
Roy Creek EA (.pdf, 5.22 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 811 KB)
Sagehen Project EA (.pdf, 11.45 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 543 KB)
Salmon West EA (.pdf, 1.66 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 184 KB)
Sandbox Vegetation Management EA (.pdf, 2.39 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 620 KB)
Shores EA (.pdf, 2.78 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 317 KB)
Smith Mountain Project EA (.pdf, 1.20 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 441 KB)
Soldier Bay Analysis Area EA (.pdf, 3.22 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 6.41 MB)
South Bridger Interface Project EA (.pdf, 7.43 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 21.17 MB)
South Summit Forest and Fuels II EA (.pdf, 9.07 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 8.13 MB)
Southern Creek Ouachita River EA (.pdf, 1.35 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 5.65 MB)
Spring Gulch Timber Sale EA (.pdf, 7.97 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 3.79 MB)
Sulphur Forest Restoration Project EA (.pdf, 5.01 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.78 MB)
Telogia Analysis Area EA (.pdf, 2.14 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 1.75 MB)
Toll Joe EA (.pdf, 23.33 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 3.08 MB)
Upper Lake Winona EA (.pdf, 2.00 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 469 KB)
Upper South Fork Skokomish Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 2.21 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 94 KB)
Watson Hill LLC Vegetation Management and Timber Sale Project EA (.pdf, 4.91 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 2.23 MB)
West Slope Wildland-Urban Interface Hazardous Fuels Reduction Project EA (.pdf, 12.79 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 3.24 MB)
Westside Collaborative Vegetation Management Project EA (.pdf, 4.83 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 5.34 MB)
Windy Project EA (.pdf, 3.35 MB) DN/FONSI (.pdf, 102 KB)