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National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Forest Service NEPA Procedures, Policy, and Guidance

bullet_icon2018 Revisions to NEPA Procedures (36 CFR 220) and Directives
bullet_iconForest Service Handbook 1909.15_30 - Categorical Exclusion from Documentation - (.pdf - 599 Kb)
bullet_iconNEPA Procedures (36 CFR 220), and Directives
bullet_iconCategorical Exclusions for Soil and Water Restoration Activities
bullet_iconEconomic and Social Analysis Handbook (FSH 1909.17)
bullet_iconFederal Registers related to NEPA Directives

Climate Change

Cooperating Agencies

bullet_iconCooperating Agency Guidance - FS, BLM, USPS - (.pdf - 240 Kb)
bullet_iconSee - CEQ Guidance Memos on Cooperating Agencies
bullet_iconExecutive Order Facilitation of Cooperative Conservation - (.pdf - 155 Kb)

Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) Pilot

bullet_iconNational Environmental Policy Act Pilot Projects Report and
- (.pdf - 125 Kb)
bullet_iconSupporting and Underlying Documents for Final NEPA Pilot Project Reports - (.pdf - 1.77 Mb)
bullet_icon5th Pilot Project (Approaches to Restoration Management)
bullet_iconApproaches to Forest Restoration & Planning The 4 Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI)
bullet_iconFivemile-Bell Project: Engaging Communities in Restoration Planning

Cumulative Effects

bullet_iconCEQ - Considering Cumulative Effects Under NEPA
bullet_iconEPA - Consideration of Cumulative Impacts in EPA Review of NEPA Documents - (.pdf - 72 Kb, 22 pp)

Department of Interior

bullet_iconRequirements for DOI Review of External Agencies Environmental Documents

Energy Policy Act of 2005 Categorical Exclusions

bullet_iconGuidance of 09/01/2011 - (.pdf - 26 Kb)
Guidance of 06/09/2010 - (.pdf - 259 Kb)

Environmental Impact Statements

Filing an EIS with the Environmental Protection Agency

bullet_iconWhere To File An EIS
bullet_iconOffice of the Federal Register
bullet_iconEIS Filing System Guidance
bullet_iconRegional NEPA Contacts and EIS by State
bullet_iconEPA's Environmental Impact Statement Database

List of Agencies for Distribution of Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements - (.xls - 24 Kb)

(See Templates-Environmental Documents Below)

Environmental Justice

bullet_iconExecutive Order of 2/11/94 on Environmental Justice
bullet_iconUSDA Departmental Regulation on Environmental Justice (5600-2) (.pdf - 326 Kb)
bullet_iconCEQ - Environmental Justice and NEPA
bullet_iconCEQ - Environmental Justice - Guidance Under the NEPA - (.pdf - 2.45 Mb)
bullet_iconEPA - Office of Environmental Justice
bullet_iconEPA - Environmental Justice Considerations in the NEPA Process
bullet_iconEPA - Final Guidance for Incorporating EJ Concerns in EPA's NEPA Compliance Analyses - (.pdf - 453 Kb)
bullet_iconEPA - Final Guidance on Considering Environmental Justice During the Development of Regulatory Actions - (.pdf - 594 Kb)
bullet_iconFinal Guidance for Consideration of Environmental Justice in Clean Air Act 309 (EIS) Reviews - (.pdf - 78 Kb)

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Environmental Protection Agency

bullet_iconEPA - National Environmental Policy Act
bullet_iconEPA - Regional Frequently Asked QuestionsFederal Advisory Commitee Act

Federal Register Notices

bullet_iconFederal Register Homepage
bullet_iconFederal Register Drafting Handbook (See Chapter 3)
bullet_iconPlain Language Tools
bullet_iconAbout Forest Service NEPA Notices in the Federal Register-Using EPA's FR Environmental Documents Homepage

Healthy Forests Initiative

Invasive Plant Management Decisions and NEPA

NEPA Learning Teams

NEPA Templates (Revised)


bullet_iconDigitop Library


bullet_iconEnvironmental Sciences Division of Argonne National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Science
bullet_iconCoarse-Scale Spatial Data for Wildland Fire and Fuel Management
bullet_iconNEPA Net - NEPA Statute, Guidance and Information Links from the Council on Environmental Quality

Roadless Area Conservation

Stewardship Contracting Information

Structured Decision-making

Decision Protocol

bullet_iconGraphic Overview - (.ppt - 104 Kb)
Decision Protocol (Version 2.0 of 11/12/98)
Crosswalk with NEPA - (.pdf - 13 Kb)

bullet_iconComparative Risk Assessment Framework and Tools (Webpage)

bullet_iconApplying the Science of Decision Making: A Survey of Use and Needs in the National Forest System by Marcot, B, L. Fisher, M. Thompson, and M. Tomosy. USDA Forest Service. 2015 - (.pdf - 1.08 Mb)

bullet_iconThe Science of Decisionmaking: Applications for Sustainable Forest and Grassland Management in the National Forest System by Matthew P. Thompson, Bruce G. Marcot, Frank R. Thompson, III, Steven McNulty, Larry A. Fisher, Michael C. Runge, David Cleaves, and Monica Tomosy. General Technical Report WO-88. USDA Forest Service. July 2013. - (.pdf - 3.13 Mb)

Training Courses-Forest Service NEPA (Organized by FS Region according to needs and available resources)

bullet_iconHuman Dimensions of Natural Resource Management - Information, Tools, and Training
bullet_iconNational Environmental Conflict Resolution Conference
bullet_iconOnline NEPA Concepts Course - Module 1 & 2
bullet_iconOnline NEPA Concepts Course - Module 3
bullet_iconPathways to Career Growth in NEPA - Gaining Compentency Through Development Opportunities

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