About Forest Service NEPA Notices in the Federal Register

The EPA's Federal Register Environmental Documents homepage facilitates searches for notices by date and topic. Likewise, the EPA's Office of Federal Activities (OFA) which maintains the national system for the filing of all federal Environmental Impact Statements, has weekly listings of EISs available for review, as well as summaries of EPA comments.

The EPA sorts the full Federal Register listings to generate its "Environmental Subset", and posts information on the Internet on almost a daily basis. While most FS NEPA documents can be found in EPA's "Impact" category, a quick review of the "contents" category for any day will enable hotlinks to specific national forest items, if any exist that day. About a dozen clearly marked EPA categories group the daily Federal Register environment documents under "air", "meetings", "pests", "species", "water", and others. The information can be pared down electronically with most browsers to include only the text of notices containing the word "FOREST" to locate FS items (National FOREST, FOREST Service). The EPA also includes "AFS" (Agriculture Forest Service) in its numerical identifyers. If EPA's sort is 100% accurate, their daily reports provide "realtime" copies of all Forest Service NEPA notices which they track.

These documents should provide information of potential use both to individuals interested in NEPA and to those interested in the forest planning process. Agency-wide NEPA activities provide a comparative snapshot of current Regional workloads in this area, EPA comments, and samples which may serve as models for other Regions. Forest Plan revisions underway are evidenced by a Notice of Intent (NOI) in the Federal Register.



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