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Ecosystem Management Coordination

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Ecosystem Management Coordination (EMC)
USDA Forest Service
Yates Bldg. 3CEN
201 14th St., SW
Wash. DC, 20250

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Mailing Address:
USDA Forest Service, EMC
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Mailstop: 1104
Washington, DC 20250-1104

United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. United States Forest Service Shield
Yates building and United States Forest Service headquarters in Washington D.C.

Ecosystem Management Coordination Staff Welcomes You

The Ecosystem Management Coordination Staff supports and manages planning and decision making processes used by the Forest Service to manage the lands and resources of the National Forest System and delivery of services to the American people. This area of our site is designed to provide you access to the major information collection, storage, analysis, and decision-making processes used by the Agency. We have also provided information about our Staff organization and various national teams and groups that support our efforts.

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