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National Forest and Grasslands At A Glance Reports

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What are At A Glance reports?

The reports provide an overview of how the National Forests and Grasslands impact human lives and communities. The Benefits to People At A Glance reports explain some of the benefits provided by our forests, such as recreation opportunities, cultural resources, forest products, grazing, water, and minerals. The Jobs and Income At A Glance reports detail the contributions these resources make to local economies. Project- and planning-specific benefits may be different. For example, a social analysis for a NEPA analysis details the benefits and effects of proposed project-related activities, whereas the At A Glance explains the existing condition of benefits provided at the time of the report generation.

Who is the audience?

The reports can be used for both external and internal audiences, such as the public, local governments, academia, land use planners, Forest Service and USDA leadership, Washington Office staff, public affairs officers, Forest Service regions and forests, NEPA coordinators, economists, and social scientists.

Why should I use the reports?

People benefit from planning efforts and decision-making that incorporates social science and economic analysis because human values are considered. By understanding how people use and value forest resources, management may better reflect those demands.

How should I use the reports?

These reports are meant to serve as a starting point for discussion and planning. They can be used for high-level summaries of forest benefits, to focus attention for planning, and as a technical roadmap for more extensive explanations.

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