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MTDC GPS Receiver Horizontal Accuracy Reports

MTDC has been testing GPS receivers of various grades in order to determine their horizontal accuracy in different conditions, and, in some cases, different settings. Select a make and model to see the accuracy reports for that receiver.




  • 1). The NSSDA Horizontal Accuracy calculates a 95% confidence level(i. e. 95 out of 100 times the GPS accuracy will be equal to or better than NSSDA calculated distance from the true location).
  • 2). For more information on NSSDA testing check out the following link: NSSDA Standards
  • 3). Some results are an average of more than one test run.
  • 4). Data is collected after allowing suffient time for the GPS device to acquire a current almanac and ephemeris data.

Graphic indicating an Adobe Portable Document File (PDF) Tested Horizontal Accuracies
Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Tested Accuracies By Canopy Type

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