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Graphic image of the USDA Forest Service shield logo.South Dakota GPS Community Base Station
US Forest Service, Custer National Forest
National Park Service, Jewel Cave National Monument

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  • Latitude: 43 43' 46.6153" North
  • Longitude: 103 49' 46.6522" West
  • Horizontal Datum: NAD83 HARN
  • Elevation: 1631.61 meters height above ellipsoid
  • Receiver: 12 Channel TRIMBLE Maxwell chip receiver
  • Tracking epoch (sec.): Position at 5 seconds; SYNC measure at 5 seconds
  • Station Operation: Operation is 24 hours, 7 days per. week. File transfer is 5 minutes after the hour for all systems
  • The antenna survey monument located in reference to the South Dakota HARN



  • Data is available in receiver dependent Trimble .SSF format. RINEX is not supported at this time.
  • File name: JYMMDDHH.EXE where J=Jewel; Y=year; MM=month; DD=day; HH=hour in GPS time; .EXE files are compressed and self-extracting. File length is one hour.
  • This site is comanaged by the National Park Service and the US Forest Service

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