Digital USGS Quad Maps for Oregon And Washington


Free Digital 7.5 minute Quad maps are available from the server maintained by the RO in Portland.  These maps can be downloaded as a compressed file .zip then uncompressed into a .tif file for graphics and a .tfw file which contains geo-referencing information for mapping software.


These files can then be put in a photo editor such as Microsoft Photo editor which is on most USFS PC's with Microsoft Office installed.  The resultant digital map files can have smaller pieces cut from them and inserted into windows based programs that can use bit mapped graphics.


These files can also be used in mapping software such as ArcView, AutoCad, and the Pathfinder Office with the geo-referencing data.




The download is a 3 step process:


1.         To Find the Quad map you are interested in, go to USGS web site to the mapfinder page: click on the coterminous map reference which takes you to the following page.


Click on the State: Oregon or Washington




Click on the local area: In this case the Portland area.

In this case the Quad Map name is "PORTLAND"   Write this down.



Get the Quad name from this map For example "Portland" is the name of the map for the downtown area.  Write this down.


2.         Download the Quad map from the USFS REO site. Follow the instructions carefully because the interface is not intuitive. Go to the REO Web site (Western States DRG Files): Below is a hot link, click to go to this site:



Click on Sorted by Quad name:   Oregon or Washington  in this example Oregon

3.  Download the quad map file  On this screen (State of Oregon DRG files Sorted by Name) click on the numbers between 1 and 101.  This represents the alphabet from A to Z as the Quad names.  Since "Portland" is the name your looking at you will find these files on page 70. This is trial and error as you can not directly go to the page with the Quad map name you want.  Click on the yellow link dot to the left of  "Portland" to download the zip file.





Once you have downloaded the file, Save this file on your server or local drive. Then unzip this with Pkunzip or Win ZIP into the original .tif  and .tfw file.  The resulting files are large: about 8-15MB.


The .tif file can be edited in Microsoft Photo editor and smaller sections can be clipped out to insert into most applications like a Word document or an AutoCad Drawings or most other windows programs with the ability to insert files from the clip board or file insertion. The .tif and .tfw files can also be used with mapping software as discussed above.



Thanks To Bob Varner Webmaster in REO for developing this great resource. 



Shown above is a small portion of the  Portland Quad map.  This was cut out of the larger map and inserted into this Word Document.  You can also use the Alt-Print Screen to capture a small area for pasting into a windows application.

Portland Area Quad map as shown above is a portion of the file which is extracted to e645122.tif. The .tif file size is 14.5MB.   You can zoom into to these files and see an area of 200' x 200' with 10' contour intervals.


Steve Sichau

Electrical Engineer

USFS  503-808-2523