Invasive Plants

FEIS provides updated scientific and technical information about interactions between fire and plant species that have been identified as invasive in at least some locations. Most of the species on this list are nonnative in the United States. These species reviews include as much information as was available at the time of publication on:

  • The role of fire in enabling plant invasions
  • Altered fire regimes following plant invasion
  • The use of fire to control plant invasions
  • Background information on taxonomy, species distribution, basic biology and ecology, and management

Invasive Species Reviews:
To run a search in FEIS for invasive plants in your area, choose the "Advanced Searech" option under "Find Species Reviews" on the FEIS Home page. Then, click in the "Invasiveness" box and choose "Invasive". From there, you can search by state or province, agency or plant community, or from a map location.

Information about fire and nonnative and invasive species is often sparse in the scientific literature. Also, the source of the information givenmay be unclear, making it difficult to judge the reliability or scope of inference of this information. Two analyses of knowledge gaps regarding fire and invasive species are available in FEIS:

Gucker, Corey L.; Zouhar, Kris; Smith, Jane Kapler; Stone, Katharine R. 2012. Characteristics of information available on fire and invasive plants in the eastern United States. Fire Ecology. 8(2): 57-81.

Zouhar, Kristin; Munger, Gregory T.; Smith, Jane Kapler. 2008. Gaps in scientific knowledge about fire and nonnative invasive plants. In: Zouhar, Kristin; Smith, Jane Kapler; Sutherland, Steve; Brooks, Matthew L., eds. Wildland fire in ecosystems: Fire and nonnative invasive plants. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-42-vol. 6. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station: 243-260.

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