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These drawings are made in Autocad TM version 9-2000 format. They are made available for professional use by Forest Service engineers qualified to adapt these drawings to local codes and conditions. The user accepts full liability for their use. They are made available on an as-is basis. No other supporting data about these drawings is available. If you have comments or technical questions on these drawings a technical contact is listed at end of this document. These drawings may not have been updated since 1988 and may require updating to meet current regulations and codes. If you use these drawings and update them to current standards, please email a copy to cclark@fs.fed.us, for updates to this library of drawings.

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The following drawing previews are in Abobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these documents. You can get this reader for free at www.adobe.com

Click on the word "preview" for a thumbnail preview of most of the drawings files, use scroll bars to move around drawing to see detail. These preview files let you see the drawing without having to download the .dwg file first. To download a file, click on filename and save to disk.
To view the following drawings if they do not have a picture preview, you must download the file to your local system and view with AutoCad or Drawings are viewable with Autodesk's Volo View Express. Volo View allows viewing and plotting of "dwf," "dwg," and "dxf" along with limited redlining. This is free from AutoDesk size 17 Mb. This viewer works with in the web browsers so the drawing is visable in the browser window. You can right click on your mouse to view a small window.

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8'x12' Well pump house water tank and controls

Preview8ft20022002Picnic Table 8 foot long
PreviewREC00001Nov 24, 1988 Bulletin Boards
PreviewREC00002Oct 16, 1988Barrier/ Fences
PreviewREC00003Nov 15, 1988Sineage #1
PreviewREC00004Sept 08, 1988Site Details
PreviewREC00005Nov 17, 1988Campsite Details
PreviewREC00006Sept 11,1988 Paths and Steps
PreviewREC00008Aug 23, 1988Tables and Benches
PreviewREC00009Sept 08, 1988Camp Spurs
PreviewREC00010Sept 10, 1988Campsite Fireplaces
PreviewREC00011Dec 05, 1988Sineage #2
PreviewREC00012Aug 23, 1988Gates (Wood)
PreviewREC00013Aug 23, 1988Table Details
PreviewREC00014Oct 24, 1988Retaining Walls and Wall Seat
PreviewREC00015Sept 08, 1988Barrier, Bridge, and Gate Details
PreviewREC00016Oct 25, 1988Registration Box Dedication Plaque
PreviewREC00017Oct 24, 1988Bulletin Board with Fee Depository
PreviewREC00018Oct 25, 1988Bulletin Board
PreviewREC00019Oct 03, 1988Bulletin Board Details
PreviewREC00020Nov 22, 1988Foot Bridge
PreviewREC00021Oct 18, 1988Camp Spurs and Details
PreviewREC00022Nov 03, 1988Footbridges
PreviewREC00023Nov 03, 1988Curb, Sidewalk Ramp, Bench, Lights, Chnl Drain
PreviewREC00025Nov 29, 1988Drains, Gates, Steps, and Benches
PreviewREC000265-01-89Boat Launching Ramp
PreviewREC000294-8-89Boat Launching Ramp
PreviewREC000304-8-89Boat Launching Ramp
PreviewREC000314-8-89Boat Launching Ramps
PreviewREC000324-8-89Boat Launching ramps

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