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Performance Based Road Maintenance Specifications

These specifications are performance based road maintenance specifications to be used in all service contracts beginning in Fiscal Year 2006 for road maintenance in the Pacific Northwest region.  These specifications have been prepared in accordance with performance based contracting as specified in FAR 37.6. 

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Specification Revision Date Description
803   Snow Removal
807 03/21/2007 Equipment Rental
811 03/21/2007 Surface Maintenance
812   Surface Stabilization
813 03/21/2007 Spot Surfacing
814   Asphalt Surface Maintenance
832   Load, Haul, and Place Materials
833 08/21/2007 Drainage Structure Installation or Removal
834 03/21/2007 Roadway Drainage System Maintenance
841   Disturbed Area Treatment
842 03/21/2007 Roadway Vegetation Maintenance
851   Hazard Removal
861 08/21/2007 Maintenance of Cattleguards, Traffic Gates and Barriers, Guard Rails and Retaining Walls
872   Sign Maintenance
881 03/21/2007 Mobilization/Equipment Moving


Drawings are provided in either Adobe PDF or AutoCad DWG format

DWG PDF Drawing # Description
X X 102-1 Illustration of Road Structure Terms
X X 833-1 Cross Ditching
X X 834-1 Cleaning of Ditch Relief Catch Basin & Transition
X X 851-1 Hazard Removal
X X 851-2 Hazard Removal


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Date last modified: 10/19/2007