Disability Employment Program
Disability Employment Program

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Disability Employment Program Branch
The USDA Forest Service Disability Employment Program Branch was created in 2008.  The Forest Service is committed to increasing representation of qualified people with disabilities in all levels of its workforce.  This program is designed to ensure individuals with disabilities enjoy equal opportunity in all aspects of employment within the Forest Service, including hiring, promotions and reasonable accommodation.  It is also a part of the Forest Service's effort to address the low employment rate of individuals with disabilities, especially those with targeted disabilities.  The Disability Employment Program is operated out of the Equal Employment Opportunity Program within Civil Rights.

The Disability Employment Program Branch is staffed by:
Richard “Eddie” Espinosa
Branch Chief
(202) 205-1040 (Voice)
(800) 877-8339 (Federal Relay)
(202) 401-9826 (Fax)

Sheila M. Young
National Disability Employment Program Manager
(202) 205-9927 (Voice)
(800) 877-8339 (Federal Relay)
(202) 401-9826 (Fax)

La’Shell Coleman
EEO Training Specialist
(202) 205-1080 (office Voice)
(800) 877-8339 (Federal Relay)
(202) 260-5054 (Fax)

For more information, contact Sheila Young, National Disability Employment Program Manager, at (202) 205-9927 or via email smyoung@fs.fed.us

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