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Welcome to the Incident Procurement website serving our interagency partners and current or potential vendors. Please click on one of the tab links provided above so we can help you find what you are looking for.

Find information about working with the Forest Service. If you're already a current Forest Service vendor, get information about the tools you need to use to manage your contracts.

Buying Team Toolkit


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Buying Team Forms

File Name Modified Date File Size
2004 Casual Firefighter Pmt Procedures.doc 47 Kb
2004 crew contract brief.doc 61 Kb
2004 Eng contract brief.doc 72 Kb
2004 Exigency Authority for Hurricane Frances Disaster Recovery.doc 35 Kb
2004 Fire Clauses.doc 32 Kb
2004_casual_firefighter_pmt_procedure_enclosures.doc 343 Kb
2008 Incident Payment Procedures.doc 82 Kb
2008_AD_Pay_Plan.doc 372 Kb
2008_AD_Pay_Plan_Letter.doc 57 Kb
5109.34_20_contents.pdf 86 Kb
5109.34_20_contents_fullfina2005l.doc 86 Kb
5109.34_20_fullfinal2005.doc 610 Kb
After_Incident_Report.doc 21 Kb
ALL medsupplies.doc 558 Kb
Attachment 2 - Inc Bus Procedures.doc 56 Kb
Buying Team Spreadsheet and Instructions.xlsx 298 Kb
Buying Team Spreadsheet Instructions.doc 66 Kb
Buying Team Spreadsheet.xlsx 22 Kb
Chapter 20.pdf 499 Kb
CM04-2 Dept Labor Forms.doc 82 Kb
Contract Payment Data 04 Spreadsheet.xls 35 Kb
contractor_travel_NO_PAY.doc 40 Kb
CPM 2005-03.rtf 27 Kb
EERA Program database sites.doc 55 Kb
EERA Terms and Conditions.rtf 203 Kb
EERA Vendor Info.doc 84 Kb
Emerg Sign Order_update.doc 50 Kb
Employee Claims in Emergency Situations July 17 2001.doc 76 Kb
ESF4 SOP for NRP Activation 03-01-05.doc 339 Kb
Federal Travel Regs id_6509.33-2004-3.doc 70 Kb
Fire Pants.doc 24 Kb
FlameResistantClothing FSM 5135.doc 34 Kb
FS Travel Card Info.doc 36 Kb
FSH 6509.11g_50.doc 156 Kb
fs_6300_51.rtf 64 Kb
Fuel Log.xls 16 Kb
IBP 20005.doc 36 Kb
IBP 2005 Implementation_plan_v2.pdf 147 Kb
id_5109.34_20.pdf 176 Kb
IIBMH 2004 ChangeSummary.pdf 24 Kb
IMS roles.doc 36 Kb
Incident Replacement Policy.doc 52 Kb
Incident Wage Determination Rev 26.docx 33 Kb
Land_Use_Agreement.doc 76 Kb
Land_Use_Agreement_Checklist_Rev2.doc 46 Kb
law enforcement and security services for fire.doc 80 Kb
Letter of BO codes.doc 57 Kb
lodgingagreement2004.doc 32 Kb
MealAgreeMaster.doc 33 Kb
Memo to nwcg WR clarification 071204.doc 30 Kb
NRCGWorkRest.rtf 330 Kb
OF 294.rtf 88 Kb
OPAC.rtf 7 Kb
Payment of AD's attachments.doc 378 Kb
Payment of AD's letter.doc 40 Kb
radios.doc 34 Kb
Sack Lunch Specification.pdf 9 Kb
Sample BPA.rtf 19 Kb
signs.pdf.rtf 21 Kb
supplemental medsupplies.doc 79 Kb
waiver of Ag Adv 58A.doc 28 Kb
Waybill.docx 13 Kb
Websites.docx 12 Kb
wff briefing paper.doc 28 Kb

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